Ruger 10/22 Scope Rail Options

I previously mentioned that adding a scope to the Ruger 10/22 means you lose the option to use the iron sights. That isn’t true any more, so here’s a summary of the best scope-rails on the market. Note that I have only tested the MSP rail so far, but plan to try the others eventually. I am confident they are all high quality, but they are each a very different design.

Mounting Solutions Plus SLR-10/22 Long
I bought this rail because it is less expensive than the Nodak Spud option, and it was available before the Ace in the Hole sight. Overall, it’s a good & simple system. It is simply a scope rail with a very low center groove so that you can still see the sights. There are other similar systems on the market for far cheaper, but they are also far lower quality. I tried a few of those before I found the MSP rail. I feel like I wasted my money on those inferior systems.

Mounting Solutions Plus SLR-10/22 Short
The only real reason I can think of to buy the short rail is if you know you’re only going to use a very small red-dot type of sight. The short rail should be compatible with the Tech Sights for the 10/22, but I think the Nodak Spud system is a better option than combining the MSP rail with Tech Sights.

Williams Gunsight “Ace in the Hole” This scope rail includes a simple peep rear sight. It uses a special front sight, so it is only compatible with standard “taper” barrels.

Nodak Spud NDS-26 combined with the NDS-23 or NDS-40 The NDS-26 is the rear rail & sight for the 10/22 receiver, while the NDS-23 and NDS-40 are front sights for different kinds of barrels. The NDS-40 is the front sight for standard taper Ruger barrels, while the NDS-23 is the front sight for .920 “bull” profile barrels. While the Williams “Ace in the Hole” system appears intended for use like a fine target-style peep sight, the Nodak Spud system is designed to mimic a military-style ghost ring rear sight that is faster but less precise. Nodak Spud is the right choice if you want to create a training rifle to match your defensive rifles like the AR-15. The Nodak Spud system is the only real option if you want to run with a .920 bull barrel. It may be the nicest system, too, but it is also clearly the most expensive. It costs more than twice as much as MSP rail or Williams rail. It is also


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