Senate abuse, and a Sinister prediction
It doesn’t seem right that Congress can bring back the same bill and vote on it again & again, ad nausea. They should eventually be required to resubmit the bill, send it back through the committees, etc. Think about how this could be abused. The Senate leader could literally call for a vote on the same bill over & over aain until it eventually passed. And there’s this:

Emily Miller (WashTimes) on FaceBook “Most telling vote in Senate today? Sen. Cornyn’s amendment for national concealed carry reciporcity. Harry Reid has blocked a vote on the House-passed bill for two years for fear it would pass.”

It seems like a big deal that one man can stop a bill from passing Congress just by refusing to let the Senate vote on a bill that has already passed through the House. In theory, he could stop a bill even if 100% of the House and 99% of the Senate approved. Even the President’s veto power is counterbalanced by Congress’ power to pass a bill by a 2/3 majority which negates a veto.

So in summary, the Senate leader can block a vote on a popular bill indefinitely, or force a vote on an unpopular bill daily.

PREDICTION: Before 2013 is over, we will have another mass-shooting that will be even more heinous than the one in CT. It will be perfectly timed, just like the theatre shooting that was right after the election or the CT shooting that was right before the 2013 legislative session. The politicians will dance on victims’ graves, happily pushing for more gun bans before the blood is even dry.

For the record, Adam Lanza stole the guns he used in Newtown. James Holmes and Jared Loughner passed background checks. Given that the background check legislation — the centerpiece of Barack Obama’s efforts to declare “victory over the gun lobby” — would not address, in any way, the incidents which supposedly gave rise to it, exactly what is its purpose, other than to destroy the Republicans’ “ground game” and decimate the most significant remaining pillar of their coalition


About jurmond

'Jurmond' was the name of my first character in a homebrew D&D campaign. He was a gunslinger and tinker, creating and carrying strange weapons that belched fire and smoke. That was well over a decade ago but I still think of him whenever fiction and firearms collide, so it seems the perfect pen name for this project.
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