t r a n c e [ ] c o n t r o l

Dubstep bores me. Quite frankly, I find it mindlessly repetitive. “wub wub wub screech screech wub wub wub” Now I know what my stepfather meant by “washing machine music”! It makes me sound like an old fart, but it’s true. These kids today need to go listen to some real music, like Astral Projection or t r a n c e  [ ] c o n t r o l ! Those old bands knew how to build up, break out, and hit a climax.

I just spent the last hour listening to vintage t r a n c e [ ] c o n t r o l .

Actually, I still am. Although it’s all from a decade ago or more, it still moves me. The Bose headphones help, too. It definitely sounds dated, especially the primitive synth tones, but the composition is still unique.

Sadly, trance seems to have died as a genre. The quintessential Goa trance band “Astral Projection” hasn’t published anything since 2004. T[]C is back, but has only produced a few new songs. Also, I suspect T[]C may have become a solo project in the decade between now and their previous tracks.

Fun fact: I’m actually thanked in the liner notes of one of the T[]C albums. Yup, my wife contacted them and convinced them to rerelease Beyond 2000.

Ever wondered what T[]C would sound like with modern synths? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LdF_lY-97Y

Listening to music for the first time is a very special experience for me. Like they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. I have to be in the right mood, the right frame of mind. That only comes around on occaison. I need quiet & solitude, both rare things in my home. I don’t think I ever listened to Valkyrie because ‘someone’ kept

interrupting me. I just now listened to Pangea  and Phanthalassa, 11 months after their release. Pangea just sort of opens with a sudden wall of bass, but it eventually evolves into something really compelling. Phanthalassa is just simply beautiful, especially past the 4 minute mark.


About jurmond

'Jurmond' was the name of my first character in a homebrew D&D campaign. He was a gunslinger and tinker, creating and carrying strange weapons that belched fire and smoke. That was well over a decade ago but I still think of him whenever fiction and firearms collide, so it seems the perfect pen name for this project.
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