Bolt Rifles 3: The New Badass on the Block

Hopefully, you already read my last two posts about bolt-action rifles. I am truly fond of the concepts of the Ruger Scout, Ruger 357/77, and CZ 452. However, those first two posts were build-up and background on my thoughts about modern bolt-action multi-purpose (including tactical) rifles.

This week at SHOT Show, Mossberg unveiled a new rifle, specifically the MVP Patrol and MVP Flex rifles. The MVP line is a series of bolt-action .223 Rem hunting rifles that are compatible with AR-15 magazines. The new MVP Patrol and Flex rifles take the MVP series in a more tactical direction. Personally, it’s the Patrol that I want.


It has a threaded barrel, iron sights, and can mount a scope in the traditional rear position. Feeding from magazines that hold 10, 20, 30, or however many rounds guarantees that ammunition capacity and reload time are not problems with the MVP. Supposedly, it will also be available in 300 BLK, one of my favorite cartridges.

It’s basically the perfect rifle for me. I think the only change I may make would be to shorten the barrel and permanently attach a combination flash-hider/suppressor mount. I’d probably choose a low-power scope such as one of the many 1-4x tactical scopes.


About jurmond

'Jurmond' was the name of my first character in a homebrew D&D campaign. He was a gunslinger and tinker, creating and carrying strange weapons that belched fire and smoke. That was well over a decade ago but I still think of him whenever fiction and firearms collide, so it seems the perfect pen name for this project.
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