Ruger 10/22 Builds

There are a lot of mods for the common Ruger 10/22. This article is not about those tune ups, like triggers and mag releases. No, this is a simple listing of the neatest 10/22 stocks and sights on the market. Want to know more about one of them? Do a basic websearch, you’ll find it. This is a work in progress. I will continue adding to it over time.


  • Mounting Solutions Plus see-through rail – allows you to see the standard factory sights, even with a scope rail attached.
  • Williams, Weaver, and Tech Sights all make tang sights for the 10/22
  • Nodak Spud sights – they make a combo scope rail/peep sight, as well as compatible front sights.


  • AGP Arms folding stock – no forearm, but excellent for a takedown
  • Choate folding stock – no comment, I’ve never actually seen one
  • Choate Dragunov stock (much higher quality than the ATI Fiberforce stock)
  • Red Jacket ZK-22 – bullpup stock loosely inspired by the P90
  • Hightower Armory – P90 style bullpup stock. I like the look of the ZK-22 better
  • Troy T-22 Sporter – looks like a sleek AR-15
  • Krinker Plinker – looks like an AK
  • Archangel Nomad – looks like a G36


  • Tactical Solutions – ultralight
  • Tactical Solutions SBX – this is a very special barrel, designed for suppressors
  • Whistlepig Gun Barrels – similar to TacSol, but more color variety
  • AGP Arms quick takedown
  • Volquartsen – the leader in 10/22 custom parts
  • Thompson Machine Operative – integrally suppressed
  • Green Mountain barrels – inexpensive but quality bull barrels

Aftermarket Receivers

  • Tactical Innovation CH-22 – has a charging handle similar to an AR-15
  • Zimmerman Arms – a monolithic free-floating forearm, uses AR-15 stocks

Parts ideal for SBRs

  • AGP folding stock
  • Choate folding stock
  • Krinker Plinker
  • AGP Arms take down short barrel (perfect to go with AGP stock)
  • Thompson Machine Operative-S (short version)
  • Whistlepig Barrel – 10 version
  • Nodak Spud sights for anything with a bull barrel
  • Tac Inc CH-22, but only for something without sights
  • Zimmerman Arms receiver could be interesting, but I’d mostly use a standard receiver

Specific Builds – these are the parts combos I think about most.

Dragunov: Standard receiver, Choate Dragunov stock, scope. I’m debating about the barrel. I like iron sights, but I also like lightweight barrels. I have several options. 1: use the standard Ruger barrel and Mounting Solutions Plus rail. 2: Give up having iron sights and just use a lightweight barrel with a scope. 3: Have a gunsmith install sights on a lightweight barrel 4: Use Nodak Spud Sights on a lightweight barrel. I’m currently using option #1 but considering switching to option #2 soon. From there, I may or may not procede to option #3 or #4.

Sleek Tactical: Standard receiver, Troy T-22 Sporter shell, AR-15 shoulder stock (which one?), lightweight barrel (TacSol, TacSol SBX, or Whistlepig?), possibly a scope. This may be the ultimate, most adaptable 10/22. It comes with fold-down iron sights but is perfectly capable of using scopres or dot sights. The handguard is smooth, but can equip rails if I ever want a light or laser. It comes with a typical 6 position Ar-15 style stock, but it can use any AR-15 stock. It’s also customizable with any AR-15 grip. The more I think about it, the more I think I should disassemble my Dragunov and rebuild it with the Troy chassis.

Bullpup: Standard receiver, ZK-22 stock, red dot sight. There’s a problem with the barrel. I want a lightweight, but it needs to be 18.5″ or more. Whistlepig makes 18″ and 20″ barrels, but I’d much rather have 18.5″ than 20″. Maybe I can add 0.5″ to the back of the rifle and use an 18″ barrel.

Lightweight Survivor: Standard receiver, TacSol SBX barrel, undecided stock (considering the Hogue or AGP), Nodak Spud sights/scope mount, 1-4x scope

Takedown-1: Standard receiver, AGP stock, AGP 16.5″ barrel, AGP receiver sights, Mounting Solutions Plus short rail, red dot sight

Takedown-2: Ruger has a new Takedown 10/22. I would just add a MSP rail and some kind of optics.

SBR-1: TacInc CH-22 receiver, AGP Arms stock & 7.25″ quick-connect barrel, red dot sight

SBR-2: Standard receiver, Choate folding stock, Nodak Spud sights again. I have 3 barrel options. 1: Thompson Machine Operative S (integrally suppressed) 2: Whistlepig barrel (light) 3: cutdown Green Mountain barrel (heavy). I think I like the idea of an integrally suppressed Pocket Rifle.

SBR-3: Krinker Plinker, nuff said. Plan B is the Archangel Nomad.



Political Note: Unfortunately, ALL of the rifle stocks I have listed above have pistol grips (except the Dragunov has a thumhole). Hence, they are potential ban targets. I need 7 more 10/22 rifles to be able to build all of my ideas.

5 more standard receivers, 1 Ruger factory takedown, and 1 TacInc CH-22

Bare minimum: 2 more standard receivers, 1 TacInc CH-22

Update 1/17/13: Today, Ruger announced a version of the 10/22 Takedown with a threaded barrel. This would definitely be preferable to a standard barrel. However, a threaded barrel puts it at risk of being banned as an “assault” weapon.


About jurmond

'Jurmond' was the name of my first character in a homebrew D&D campaign. He was a gunslinger and tinker, creating and carrying strange weapons that belched fire and smoke. That was well over a decade ago but I still think of him whenever fiction and firearms collide, so it seems the perfect pen name for this project.
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