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Combat Shotguns

My wife recently got into a few Facebook debates about gun control. One guy mentioned ‘combat shotguns’ and believes that they should be banned/restricted/whatever. Let’s examine that idea. At least for this argument, let’s agree that combat shotguns are bad and … Continue reading

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Flashlight Review #1: 4Sevens Quark 123(2) Standard (discontinued)

My wife gave me a 4Sevens (now FourSevens) Quark 123-2. Unfortunately, that exact model seems to be discontinued now. The new Quark Pro QP2L may or may not be similar, but I cannot find any information on the QPsL’s user … Continue reading

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Choosing a 22 Rifle: Part 4 – Lever, Bolt, and Pump Actions

The CZ and Marlin bolt actions are especially nice because they have sights and can mount a scope. When you take the scope off, you can use the sights again. Savage forces you to choose between sights and scope just … Continue reading

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Choosing a 22 Rifle: Part 3 – ‘Tactical’ Semi-Autos

A ‘tactical’ semi-auto 22lr rifle is functionally the same but cosmetically & ergonomically different from a traditional semi-auto. They can serve several roles. First, they are technically just as useful as their traditionally-styled brethren. Second, they can serve as inexpensive training … Continue reading

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Choosing a 22 Rifle: Part 2 – Sporter Semi-Autos

*Ruger 10/22: not the best rifle, but *easily* the most upgradeable and widely available. It’s fed by removable 10 round magazines and good 25 shot magazines are available from Ruger. They’re generally reliable but mine refuses to work with anything … Continue reading

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FOPA ’86

The Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) was passed in 1986. It had several major effects. 1: Limit the ATF to only inspecting a gun dealer once per year unless part of an active investigation. Previously, ATF was constantly inspecting gun … Continue reading

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5 Guns – What would you choose?

5 Guns: There is a classic question in firearm communities that asks “If you could have any X-number guns, what would you choose?” I think there 2 very different versions of this questions. Version 1: You can have any 5 guns for … Continue reading

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Choosing a 22 Rifle: Part 1 – Introduction and Questions

Below is an edited email I sent to my brother. He inqured about purchasing a 22 rifle for himself and to teach his girlfriend to shoot. ***************************************************** If you want a 22, you need to ask yourself 2 questions: Semi-auto vs … Continue reading

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First post! and mission statement

Well, it’s official. I started a blog. I’m not looking for readers, commenters, or advertising income. I just need a space to express my various firearm-related thoughts, and I know no one on facebook wants to hear me rant. Some … Continue reading

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